Far out or nothing – JEFFSY® is our first trail bike, and it represents our very own definition of trail riding. Just like your best friend JEFFSY inspires you to an all new performance: together you climb the highest mountains, discover the most remote locations, and shred the trail on the way back down – JEFFSY and you make an unbeatable team. With gravity DNA, JEFFSY is the most aggressive 29er on the market, the YT amongst trail bikes, which allows you to be a bit faster and more creative than the mainstream. Whatever you encounter out there, JEFFSY has your back.

Whether you prefer to go wild on a carbon or an aluminum bike is something we leave completely up to you. The aluminum JEFFSY is no less remarkable than its carbon buddy, because both versions are based on the same platform. However, aluminum is a less expensive material, so it offers all the bangs for less bucks compared to the carbon bike. Reliability and a lower starting price are factors that speak for our well-equipped aluminum models.

Of course, we have also achieved high levels of stiffness and reliability during the development of our carbon frames. Using a monocoque production technique, the tube walls have been given extra thickness where required to stand up to the strong forces generated in critical areas. The carbon frames weigh significantly less than their aluminum counterparts, and form the basis for our Pro models, which also feature the finest components.

As a YT, JEFFSY’s mission is to be the most gravity-ready bike of the entire trail bike segment. Therefore, we equipped it up with our award-winning Virtual 4 Link suspension technology which combines excellent off-the-top sensitivity, ample mid-stroke support and a progressive ending stroke. V4L does not only give you the confidence needed for big gaps and rugged terrain but also helps pedaling be a lot more efficient. Combined with the bigger wheels, this makes JEFFSY a very effective climber. The frame scores points with a compact silhouette that doesn’t make the big wheels look out of place, and an undoubtedly downhill-oriented geometry.

Thanks to the Flip Chip, JEFFSY can be set up in either a high or low position, with the latter featuring a sweet BB drop and surely one of the most aggressive headtube angles to be found on any trail bike today. The low stand over height, the wide riser handlebar and the compact chain stays ensure optimal and completely atypical handling for a 29er. At YT, we don’t accept any compromises, therefore the length of the rear triangle comes optimized for each frame size. Whether you’re railing turns or hammering through a rough section you’ll feel right at home.

The fastest downhiller in the world accepts no compromises, even when it comes to All Mountain riding. His bike needs to be light and fast, and have plenty of travel in reserve – especially for those chunky downhill sections. JEFFSY is perfect for Aaron, because with our All Mountain machine he can keep it pinned even over the roughest terrain.

Bryan carries the enduro flag for YT. He knows how to combine speed with casual steeze, hammering through the woods like a madman. JEFFSY is the perfect partner for him: playful, agile, and incredibly fast, Bryan shreds hard and JEFFSY is ideal for his riding style. And yes, he’ll bring JEFFSY along for the Enduro World Series, too.

As a freerider, Cam thinks in different dimensions: big bikes, big mountains, and big jumps – the sicker, the better. He would never have imagined coming back from riding a 29er with a big grin on his face. “An unbelievable bike” said Cam after the first ride. As a Rampage winner, Cam backs down from nothing and he happily flips and spins his JEFFSY like a dirtjumper too. In fact, if he had to choose only two bikes, he would settle for a TUES and a JEFFSY.