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Downhill-oriented, powerful, and fast: the DECOY is an aggressive enduro bike with gravity DNA. On the descents, it eats roots and rocks like a kid digging into a bag of candy. Thanks to the powerful motor it gives you the same feeling on the way back up – more fun without the need for a shuttle. Simply put, the DECOY delivers everything you expect from a YT. And a water bottle mount.

Bikefinder E - MTB

27,5"& 29"

Best of both wheels

To prepare it for heavy missions in demanding terrain, we’ve equipped the DECOY with a mix of wheel sizes; 29 inches in the front and 27.5 inches in the rear. This concept, which has been used in motocross for a long time already, combines the advantages of both wheel sizes in one bike.

Up front, the 29-inch wheel rolls over obstacles with ease and provides extra insurance against going over the bars. It runs with higher tire pressure and cuts through rough terrain with precision. The voluminous, 27.5-inch rear tire can be run with less pressure for increased traction and comfort.

The DECOY combines the unlimited on-trail performance of a YT with the advantages of electrical assistance. With E-MTB optimized kinematics, a balanced geometry and an integrated Shimano motor this newly developed frame serves up an agile ride. Out back, we rely on our award-winning, low leverage ratio Virtual 4 Link suspension technology that is supple off the top, supportive at mid-stroke and plenty progressive at end-stroke.

Additionally, we have minimized the pedal kick-back to avoid any negative influences on the suspension action. The highly functional frame design also scores extra points in the looks department thanks to the fully integrated battery and motor. Features like internal cable routing, double-sealed bearings and integrated frame protectors underline our high quality standards and help increase the service life of the DECOY.

The Decoy is an all-around work of art. It makes all the boring trails fun and fast! I was very surprised at how fun and easy to ride, jump, and spin, while still getting a work out in!