Cameron Zink

Cameron Zink

“It boils down to that feeling you got as a kid - bicycles give you a freedom like no other.”

Cam Zink is one of the toughest dudes of the freeride scene; a solid rider who isn’t afraid of going all out. He won the 2011 Rampage and in 2012 landed a 20m gap on his heels instead of his wheels; enough to make those watching want to throw up. Cam pulled through though and in 2013 made history by stomping the biggest backflip ever at the Rampage. Then in August 2014 he set a new world record with a 100 foot backie, in the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park.

His next big love, on a par with bikes, is his family; his daughter Ayla was born a couple of days after Rampage 2013 and even though he’s a full-on pro he took on a “proper” job with the YT crew, looking after our distribution and bikes in the US and Canada. If that isn’t devotion to both loves then we don’t know what is. 

YT Family member since:
Home trail:
Some secret stuff in Truckee/Tahoe, USA
Favourite bike park:
Mammoth Mountain, California USA
Home base:
Reno, Nevada USA
March 8, 86
Body height:
Body weight:
73 kg
Favorite beer:


As the classical freerider with roots in racing Cam rides is set up very different to most other riders.

Both, the CAPRA as well as the TUES are ridden in frame size M and with 30% sag in the rear shock. He works with a very slow rebound and wants his rear shock very soft more than half of the travel. But more to the end he wants it more and more progressive. Very positive for Cam is here the damping curve, which is progressive. He rides his front with 15% - 20% sag very stiff and the high- and lowspeed compression is set accordingly with the terrain.