Lupine SL SF Shimano

Lupine SL SF Shimano

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Black as night outside? No worries, let the Lupine SL SF bike lamp for the DECOY lights your way – so you can ride not only more often but also safer. Because those who shine not only see better but can also be seen.

In contrast to other StVZO-approved lamps, the lupine lamp throws a wide beam of light directly in front of your wheel, and it does so almost all by itself. Stereo sensors scan the ambient light conditions and automatically switch from daytime running lights to an anti-dazzle, 900 lumens dipped beam when required. And of course, the 1100 lumens high beam is available at the push of a button when you really need to light things up.
The Lupine SL SF fits all DECOYs, is powered by the main bike battery and is super easy to install. The required cable has already been pre-routed in every DECOY. Once installed, the lamp sits securely on the handlebars so that you always have it available for those longer rides.

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